MLP OCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



I fractured my 5th metatarsal on Wednesday (X-Rays can be found here) and I’d just like to let you guys know I’ll be out of commission while my foot is healing.

there are also crystal pegasi in EQG.... sorry i had to bring it up. kinda important.

I’ve only watched Equestria Girls once and didn’t see any crystal ponies. I also don’t consider EqG canon since it was literally just made to sell hideous dolls. (Although, the same can be said about the rest of the show :/)

You can get crystal Pegasus (and unicorn I guess. I have yet to see any in the show) in threes a crowd. When cadence is entering. There is a crystal Pegasus. I know you haven't seen any since bats (i think) but I'm just sayin


I’m chalking that up to an animation error since they use puppets and predesigned bases, the animators might have used a pegasus base by mistake or didn’t care. That’s also why there’s a filly alicorn in one of the episodes because the bases have both wings and a horn and they forgot to remove one or the other.

thoughts on crystal pony ocs


Crystal pony OCs are fine as long as the colors are matte and they’re only earth ponies. Crystal ponies are their on species and don’t have race variants like regular ponies. Crystal ponies is their variant, get it?

breezie ocs?

I don’t know anything about breezies except that they’re really small or something.

What do you think about g1 ocs in general?

I don’t see them often, so it doesn’t really affect me. They’re okay.

If, say, there was a pony who committed a horrible crime, and they were to be tried by a court, do you think the judge would be Celestia herself? And if it comes, do you think there could be a death penalty? ( in the world of the MLP fanfictions, not the show). In general, do you have any pony governmental headcanons?


Personally, I don’t think Celestia would be present or involved at all unless the crime directly involved her. I don’t read fanfics myself, so my headcanons are solely show based. I do think the death penalty is too extreme either way. IRL, I’m not against the death penalty because I do believe there are people out there who deserve to die (rapists, child molesters, mass murderers, politians, etc.)

My headcanons involving government are pretty parallel to the real world. Since MLP is a Canadian/American based show, their government would most likely be Canadian/American based. I don’t know squat about the Canadian government system, so my personal headcanon is closer to the American system with a bit of monarchy thrown in.

Have you seen giraffe OCs and thoughts on them?


No I have not, but I’d like to see one before I cast my judgment.

are zebra oc ok in your book?

As long as thy’re done right. In my personal headcanon, Zebras don’t have cutie marks because cutie marks are only on ponies (you don’t see any other animals with them). The mark on a zebra is simply a tribal marking.

what would be the limit of submissions per person. (when they open of course)


There’s never a limit to how many you can post, so long as they don’t break any submission rules.