MLP OCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Please rate some damn ponies holy hell


Hey anon, I’m on break, chill.

Are we able to send in OC's for review yet?


I’ll let you guys know before I open submissions again.

Oh! Well a Ponyscope OC is a ponified version of a zodiac sign (leo, libra, pisces, ect. ).


Ah, I’ve never seen those before.

Well when I'm done can I submit her?

You can, but don’t expect a high rating.

Sorry about your foot! :(


Thanks ;-; 

And thanks to all my other well wishers on Tumblr! :’D

Hey there! I'm making a musical pocket watch based pony, and I was curious if you'd help me with some names D:? It's a she ;w; I was thinking Pocket Song? I know her talent is oddly specific, I apologize x3; I'd like to make her on the small side, in reference to the whole pocket watch thing. Pocket Song, Ticking Tone, Music Gear? ;-; I'm terrible at the naming thing. Thoughts?

I;m terrible at names as well, but I like Pocket Song and Ticking Tone. If I make an OC with two names, I want one of the names to be able to stand on it’s own (Twilight, Dash, Pinkie, etc.) so if you go with Pocket Song, a short name for her would either have to be Pocket or Song. As long as it can sound like a name for a pony with just one word, then it should be fine.

What do you think of the Ponyscope OCs?


I don’t know what those are :/

A little thing I just drew

A little thing I just drew


Showering is a lot harder with one foot… I ended up getting shampoo in my eye and loosing my balance and pulling down the curtain. I’m fine, but now showering is scary ;-;