MLP OCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


How do you feel about fan made Species and/or subspecies?


So long as they’re done in a way that is good and not designed terribly, or have OP powers and abilities.

You state that you'd rather have digitally created submissions. However, if this is not possible due to lacking skills in digital art, lacking equipment to create digital art or any other reason, would you still rate a scanned OC?


As long as the colors are crisp and clear, then yes. If I can’t tell what color it is or that it’s painfully obvious it’s not an actual scan, I’ll delete it.

how is your lovely ass today?

Not that great, but that’s just life.

What are the 5 worst color combinations to you? I don't see the problem with a lot of green shades, though.


Green and anything (most of the time), black and white, rainbow manes and cyan (basically a carbon copy of Rainbow Dash), the same color for both mane and coat, brown and green.



Guten Tag.

Out of curiosity, do you plan to wait on rating OCs until submissions are closed, or do you plan to begin right away? :3

I’m going to wait, I’ve already amassed at least 20 submissions, so I’m scared to see how many I’ll get in the next 4 days…

Submissions are open!

Submissions are now open from now until 9 PM Central Time, September 19th. Please remember to follow my submission rules for a fair and unbiased rating!

Some key rules:

-Submit only YOUR OCs, not anyone else’s. You don’t need to submit for a friend, there is anonymous posting.

-Full body pictures only(no crazy filters, crops or headshots)

-If you can, please limit the amount of characters you submit. I don’t mind multiple submissions from the same person, but not 10 OCs at once. Try to space out your submissions.

-SFW (safe for work) submissions only. Explicit submissions will not be posted.


Didn’t sound like you were kidding.

How was water leaf rated again? I wanna see her/him


I rated her a good. You can find the rating here.

In response to the ask about 'Water Leaf', I think he/she was talking about an OC you rated on August 13th last year. Their color schemes are similar but other than the coat color they don't really look alike.


Ah, I see. I don’t think I would copy or even remember the name of an OC I rated over a year ago. Besides, the mane style is completely different, as are the mane and eye colors. The coat colors do look very similar, but this is a coincidence. After all, Scootaloo and Applejack have the exact same coat color as well. I think OP is being paranoid or just trying to be rude.