MLP OCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


What do you think of ponies with the height of Allie Way? (It's taller than average but not alicorn height)


I think it should be a more recurring design feature because ponies’ height should differ. 

When's that r34 coming put?


It’s not being drawn by me, someone else. Whenever they finish it.

When will submissions be open again? I've finally thought up a name for the oc I sent in, I also changed just her mane colour, since honestly, I like her eyes and coat. (Sorry for asking)

Again, I’m not sure, but I’ll post a heads up when I decide on a date.

If Crystal Ponies (and anything about them) weren't canon, and were rather made by fans, would you consider them pretty unoriginal like some other species?

No, I like the crystal ponies’ concept and overall design.

how many more ponies to rate now?

Just 6, but I want to get my commissions done first. It doesn’t help that when I finish one, I get two more.

How do I submit fanart?

You can post it on deviantART and mention me with :iconsasukex125: or :devsasukex125:, or post it on Tumblr and mention MLP-GBU with an @ symbol and I’ll reblog it from you.

Why are Rainbow Pony Ocs bad?There are multiple Ponies in FIM that have Rainbow manes.

It’s very unoriginal to copy Rainbow Dash’s signature style. I know I’ve answered this ask before and my answer still stands.

Do you think that a big part of making color schemes work is having something in the pony's colors match something else? (For example: cutiemark & eyes)

No, not nessiarily. Although, I do make the eye color and magic match if the pony is a unicorn.

Could you suggest names for a pony submission/ and/or choose between names given for said pony?


I’m terrible at names, sorry. 

Is there a way to make a good Alicorn OC?


Perhaps, you’d have to avoid all the generic qualities most share, though.