MLP OCs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Submissions open or nah?



Anon, you have no idea how much that gets tossed around my household. “You want a drink or nah?” “You check Clash of Clans or nah?”

That and ebola getting used in every sentence.

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Help! I can't stop creating OCs! But i already have 19 OCs! What can i do?


Yes, that can be a problem. My friend has a problem with creating too many characters with just one personality trait, essentially making 1 dimensional characters at every chance.

One thing you can do is decide who is absolutely esential to yell your characters’ stories. If someone isn’t, scrap them. If they only serve one role, see if you can give that role to a preexisting character.

You can also try to combine characters. If you have 2 characters that are one dimensional (ie, a character who only makes jokes, or a character who is lazy) combine them. Keep one and give them the trait of the other. Now you have a lazy character who makes jokes. 

Only make new characters when nessecary. If you have a character who can serve the purpose of a new character, just replace them. Rainer (Baux’s boyfriend) used to be the son of Rumble, but I changed it to one of my other OCs to avoid another canon x oc relationship in my characters’ stories, plus it serves a purpose. Rainer’s dad used to bully Baux’s dad, and now their kids are dating. 

Hopefully this helps, if not, come back and I’ll see if I can help you again.

I need help with creating my first OC. I don't want to be a Mary Sue, but I'm a bit unsure on the dos and donts. If you could list some of them off for me I would be very thankful.


It’s difficult to make a long list of do’s and don’t’s for Mary Sue OCs. If I had to boil it down to a few things, they would be:

-Don’t make them an alicorn. Alicorns are OP and have an extremely bad rep in the fandom.

-Avoid backstories that make your character the best at everything like “the youngest ever” or the “Best ever”.

-Also avoid backstories that make them have the worst life ever and then somehow get over it quickly. Something like “my parents were murdered by Nightmare Moon and blah blah blah.”  I’ve seen it before and those kind of stories are terrible.

What colors do you think go best with red? I've seen a lot of red ponies and even though it's my favorite color I don't like many of the ones that I see.


Not sure, not many that I can think of off hand. It all depends on what shade of red you’re using.

Why choose to be someone who will most certainly hate you for spreading potentially malicious comments and feedback? Don't you feel just the slightest bit sympathetic when you label people's OC's ugly? What would you say to someone who felt like you were driving a wedge between friendliness and the Brony Fandom? I'm not complaining - You have the right to do whatever you please. I just don't understand how someone could do what you do without feeling.. Bad. :V


I don’t say what I say out of hatred, I say them because it’s what I think. I have a conscience like everyone else, but here, my job is to give 100% honest feedback on what people make. My opinion isn’t supposed to be what everyone else’s should be, it’s just what I think.

I don’t feel bad having to rate people’s OCs as bad or ugly because the people who submit it should have seen at least one of the ratings and know my style of reviews. 

And, for a while, friendliness and “love and tolerate” has been out of the fandom for quite a long time. If people don’t like what I do, then they should just ignore me and not submit an OC. I get submissions because people like my way of rating. I’ve even seen tons of rating blogs cropping up and asking for signal boosts (which I will not do, so stop asking).

And why are alicorns never an option, according to one of the below askers? In my opinion most alicorn OCs are bad because all the people wanting to make one aren't good at making a decent backstory and all the people capable of making a good backstory which properly explains why they're an alicorn are also known as Mindless Alicorn OC Haters. Hate the bad ones. not all of them. Am I right? Or stupid?


You’re right, I just haven’t found a decent Alicorn OC with a good backstory.

Hi! I haven't been on for a while, so sorry if the question was obvious: Are submissions open?


Nope, not for a while.

I just saw your post with Daedric Princes-Alicorns thingie. I didn't know you were a fan of The Elder Scrolls! //sobs grossly//

Totally isn’t playing Skyrim right now >.>

Have you seen any decent rainbow pony oc in your life? Because I have not.


Just so the anons will stop asking…

I’ve rated a few OCs now, but I’m not going to queue up any until I’ve rated at least half of them (about 20)